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Your letters - July 20 edition

Allow people to keep their pets

Perhaps your city could allow present families to keep their pets, kind of like a granddog or grandcat claws, and notify all new residents of your ordinance about pet numbers. I can't imagine the loss of a pet because of this. Seems so heartless.

Fetters Nan,

Mount Pleasant, SC

What's wrong with having three dogs?

I am a member of the Daily Drool. What is wrong with having three dogs? If they are well taken care of and don't cause any trouble, I don't see the problem. If all of a sudden you decide to enforce a law that hasn't been enforced in the past you should let people with more than two dogs keep all the dogs they have. What kind of people or town wants to break up a happy home and perhaps have an animal placed in a shelter or a place they aren't happy. The dogs in issue about this protest are happy and have all bonded. What cruel person would break up that home? Hopefully, the people in your town will see what harm that will not only cause the owner but also the dogs!

Mary Stange,

O'Fallon, Ill.

Dogs should be grandfathered in

I think that all dogs already registered should be grandfathered in. It is irresponsible to make an animal homeless due to new regulations. Hopefully no animals are euthanized from this ordinance.

Angela Wheeler,

Overland Park, Kansas

Dog ordinance needs to be revisited

Please revisit the ordinance that limits pet/dog ownership to two per household. With rescues and shelters over flowing, why would you want to take a pet away from a home? Unless a hoarding situation occurred, impacting health and safety. Do you really want your town known as the place that discards pets?

Stephanie Burkes,

Bristol, Va.

Stop tearing families apart, Wadena

Seems like you're attempting to tear apart families starting with beloved four legged family members. Are the two legged ones next? Whoever thought of this plan needs a good slap upside the head. It accomplishes nothing.

Sharon Kyriakos,

Cloverdale, Calif.