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Your letters - July 6 edition

Proposed healthcare replacement bill is dangerous

This week, the U.S. Senate will vote on their dangerous health care "replacement" bill, also known as TrumpCare. After the House passed their version that provided health care and tax breaks for the wealthy and left everyone else behind, the Senate said that their bill would better. But it's not. They lied.

The Republican Senate's version of health care repeal is just as cruel as the House GOP's version. It kicks millions of Americans off their health care, raises out-of-pocket costs and reduces the quality of coverage, all in order to give tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.

On Monday, the Congressional Budget Office released a score on this bill that confirmed our worst fears; millions of people will lose coverage, rates will go up and coverage will go down and regular Americans will be left worse off.

This isn't healthcare. It's TrumpCare and it has no place in our country.

Mim Maas,


The free press in a democracy

The job of the free press in a democracy is to question power. Question, question, question and question again. The reason for this questioning ethic is that along with power comes corruption and the more the power the more the corruption. That is why the destruction of the free press is one of the major hallmarks of a dictatorship. In a dictatorship nobody is allowed to question the supreme leader. If you lived in North Korea you wouldn't dare question power. If you lived in Russia you wouldn't dare to question power. In a dictatorship everything is propaganda and praise of the supreme leader.

When you have bad government things are done behind closed doors. No questioning is allowed. An example of this is the senate's new repeal and replace The Affordable Care Act plan. Mitch McConnell and 13 senators came up with the senate plan behind closed doors. There plan includes 22 million people losing their Medicaid health coverage over ten years. At the same time it includes a huge tax cut for the wealthy and the insurance companies. No wonder they don't want any questions. Just praise the supreme leader.

Robert Peterson

Henning, MN