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Your letters - June 22 edition

Data on Medicaid payments to the upper midwest states

The following data about the importance of medicaid to the upper midwest states comes from the editor and from the publisher of the Star Tribune. It was reported in the Wednesday, June 14 edition.

In North Dakota, one in four children are covered by Medicaid, as well as one in three disabled and one in two nursing home residents.

In South Dakota,one in three children get care through Medicaid. So do 50 percent of nursing home residents and 40 percent of those who are disabled.

In Iowa, Medicaid covers 40 percent of children, 40 percent of those with disabilities and 60 percent of nursing home residents.

In Wisconsin, 60 percent of nursing home residents depend on Medicaid. So do one in three Wisconsin children as well as one in two citizens with disabilities.

In Minnesota, it's one in four children, half of nursing home residents and half of people with disabilities.

The Republican plan to repeal and replace The Affordable Care Act that has passed The Unites States House of Representatives has a cut of more than $800 billion dollars to Medicaid.

Most of the savings would go for tax cuts for the ultra wealthy and the insurance companies.

Robert Peterson,


Flower thief should water plant

The the flower thief at the cemetery: The plant you stole from my wife's gravesite should be watered twice a week.

Toby Pierce,


Who steals from the dead?

I went to the cemetery, as I do every few days. When I got there, the shepherd hook and flowers were gone from my husband's grave. I have no idea who took them but I hope they are enjoying them. I cannot believe anyone with a conscience would swipe from the dead.

Lorraine Venke,