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Your letters - April 6 edition

Convention of States cause for concern

There is a movement called the Convention of States that is exercising a provision in the United States Constitution for the States, rather than Congress, to amend the Constitution. If you are concerned about the effect of the Trump Presidency, or if you were concerned about overreach in the Obama Presidency, then you should research the initiative online and then support it by calling, writing, or e-mailing your State representatives to urge them to support it. It is all about returning power to the people and out of the hand of the federal bureaucrats. That should concern almost everyone regardless of their political leanings. The North Dakota legislature has recently agreed to participate, as have nine other States. Approval from 24 more states are needed to hold the convention. The Minnesota legislature can vote on whether to participate in it this session which is coming to a close. Now is the time to act.

Steve Emery,


Taxpayers shouldn't provide free condoms

I want to thank the three Crow Wing County Commissioners who voted to not have taxpayer condoms distributed through Social Services. Almost every gas station has vending machines in their bathrooms. There may be another discussion if condoms were not so readily available everywhere. Again, if anyone needs one, they are 75 cents in the men's bathrooms at the gas stations. If you don't have 75 cents, you are probably in middle school.

I was told there is only a 18 percent failure rate using a condom. There is a false sense of security especially when a teenager (who thinks they will live forever) uses one, as it does not stop all STD's or pregnancies. Russian roulette only uses the odds of one out of six, or a 16 percent chance of failing. And rat poison only has two percent arsenic, 98 percent good stuff. Good odds? I was told education reduces the failure rate, but there were no statistics. I agree with Paul Thiede, taxpayers providing a good meal for the parents celebrating a newborn is better than taxpayers providing a condom. They used to provide one in all the hospitals to celebrate.

Thank you again Paul Thiede, Rosemary Franzen and Paul Koering for not taking taxpayer money to buy free taxpayer condoms.

Doug Kern,