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Your letters - Aug. 7 edition

Ellison supports immigrant children

About the crisis on the Texas border with little children. It's easy to see who the real leader in Minnesota is. Rep. Keith Ellison, DFL 5th District, is the only one really supporting the children and he is doing a great job. HHH would be proud.

Where are Senators Franken and Klobuchar and also Governor Dayton? I've called their offices several times and for sure they are all in hiding on this issue. I even called Ken Martin, DFL chairman, to get help to call them out, nothing. What a disappointment these people are.

Tammy Stiles

Henning, Minn.

Duysen right for Seventh District Judge

I am so excited for all constituents who are served by the Seventh Judicial District of Minnesota. Cheryl Duysen is seeking your vote to preside as the Judge in this district, and I cannot imagine being better served by any other individual on the bench.

I've known Cheryl Duysen, and her family, closely for over 12 years. I no longer live in the Seventh Judicial District but I know that if Cheryl Duysen is on the bench, all of the constituents and stakeholders of the district are very well served. Cheryl is someone I highly respect, she is personable, down-to-earth, clear thinking, and her greatest strength is that she will serve the seventh Judicial District without ego, balancing justice for all those who rely on her. Her personal and professional integrity is unwavering. She has made a substantial contribution to Clay County and it's exciting that she has the opportunity to continue to serve as a trusted leader in the court.

Staci Pauer Wolfe

Germantown Hills, Ill.

(Formerly Moorhead, Minn.)

Welcome to Wadena Committee takes over Empty Stocking

In 1912 Harry "Dutch" Ervin, a crime reporter for the Telegraph Journal newspaper in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada was inspired by the sight of children staring longingly at a department store Christmas display to start an "empty stocking" fund to give needy children gifts at Christmas. In 1913 the Telegraph Journal took over administration of the Empty Stocking program. The idea quickly spread from one newspaper to the next across Canada and the U.S., including Wadena's Pioneer Journal in 1926. The Empty Stocking program continues to be successful across the country and in many communities the program has outgrown the ability of newspaper staff to independently administer it through volunteer hours and is now a separate non-profit with both paid staff and volunteers managing the program throughout the year. For example, the Empty Stocking Fund in Atlanta serves nine counties and 50,000 children with two paid staff and 4,000 volunteers.

In May 2014 the Pioneer Journal announced that similarly it was unable to continue administration of the Empty Stocking Program. At that time the newly formed Welcome To Wadena Committee stepped forward to assume responsibility for coordinating the program.

Welcome To Wadena Committee (WTWC) is an organization launched to promote the City of Wadena and to educate potential visitors of the many amenities available and is chaired by Kelly Wong, Central Minnesota Credit Union (CMCU) Branch Manager; Cheryl Helms, Owner of 1776 A Clothing Revolution; and Gillette Kempf, Owner of An Open Book. Currently we have participation from the Wadena Evangelical Church and the Wadena United Methodist Church to provide storage space for donated items. Official drop-off locations for donated items are:


• 1776

• An Open Book

• Pioneer Journal

WTWC is asking anyone who has participated in keeping Empty Stocking a strong vital program in Wadena to connect with us to make this transition as smooth as possible. We passionately believe in the Empty Stocking program and are committed to continuing this vital outreach.

We look forward to continuing this strong tradition of community support in Wadena.

Cheryl Helms, Kelly Wong and Gillette Kempf,

Welcome To Wadena Committee