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Your letters - July 31 edition

Border dispute solution an easy one

Couldn't the border dispute be solved by giving Mexico part of Texas and Arizona, just as these two-bit liberal politicians expect of the nation of Israel?

Victor Kern

Wadena, Minn.

Koehler right choice for district judge

Ken Koehler is the right choice for the 7th Judicial District Court Judge. As a 25-year police officer, I have worked with Ken Koehler while he was a prosecutor as well as a defense attorney. Ken is trustworthy, fair and has the right experience to be our judge. Ken is a veteran and served as a judge advocate general for over 10 years while he was a prosecutor in his civilian life. it is not often that we have a contested election for a judicial office. However, because of the recent disciplinary action against the current judge, Steven Cahill, several lawyers are running against him. A judge must be timely and respectful of the litigants, and above all, must follow the law. Decisions that judges make determine the law of the land. We need a judge who is knowledgeable about the law, who will make determinations without fear or favor and who has experience in the courtroom. Ken Koehler has the most trial experience, understands the rules of evidence, the rules of law and is the best qualified of all candidates to be our judge.

Please vote in the primary election on Aug. 12 to preserve our justice system. Vote for Ken Koehler for 7th Judicial District Court Judge.

Robert Porter

Moorhead, Minn.