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Wadena kennel ordinance ridiculous

It has been weeks now since the city council ‘approved’ their ridiculous ordinances. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that dogs bark. That’s what they do to communicate. If you’re going to buy property, rent or move to someplace, you don’t don’t move next to an animal shelter and then complain about the noise. If you were there first, then you should have done more to protest the animal shelter when it was first established.

At first I thought the ‘no noise’ hours were from 4 to 9 p.m. On a second reading, I saw 4 p.m. to 9 a.m. Are you people for real? Would you like your mouth duct-taped for 17 hours? Perhaps you city council members should try it! I’ve lost so much sleep over this it’s unbelievable.

I grew up in Wadena. Although I moved away decades ago, I still have been proud to be from Wadena. Until now. I've always had a dog, or two, or three or four. My daughter is the pied piper for dogs. When she married she had two dogs, he had two dogs, then his daughter moved back home with her dog. Someone complained. They were in violation of city ordinance of only two dogs per household. They attended a city council meeting. At least this city council listened and was reasonable. My daughter and her family were allowed to keep the five dogs until, one by one, they crossed over that rainbow bridge, because your dogs are a part of your family.

I now have two dogs. After our last family member passed away (the dog), we started looking for what we wanted - one like her, Jane Doe. We visited the Wadena County Humane Society. We looked at several dogs, looking for a good-sized protector. Upon leaving the shelter building, all the dogs were barking. I went back to see which dog was standing out above all the rest. It was the one we were already considering, a chesapeake bay retriever. She was the loudest, very loud, my chessie. Holly has been with us over four years now and we love her.

Two years ago, I found a dog on the road, discarded like a wet glove. I think she ran away. She was hungry, neglected and abused. It took weeks of cutting hair and many baths to find the toy poodle underneath. It took months for her to trust me and 13 tooth extractions later, I have my own personal protector. Her hearing is exceptional and I have never had a dog so smart. I know when, where and who is coming by how the two dogs bark.

No one is going to sneak in our back door. We praise them when they bark because that is their job! When they are assured all is ok, they stop barking and lay down together, eyes watching everyone.

Wadena people, wise up! Is this really who you want representing you and making decisions that ultimately affect you and your town? I don’t have a vote there, but you do. Oh, by the way, whatever happened to ‘less government control?’

Judy Leeseburg Hegg

Alexandria, Minn.