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Your letters - June 12 edition

Day of Caring students deserve thanks

The students and advisors at the WDC Schools deserve a huge thank you for all the hard work they put in on their Day of Caring. I personally experienced the joy of having them work for me and have heard nothing but wonderful compliments about them. They really are caring!

Norma Fitzsimmons

Verndale, Minn.

Many thanks to supporters of cancer benefit

Thank you to everybody who attended my benefit on May 31. Your support and generosity are very overwhelming and much appreciated. Special thanks to my WDC co-workers, current and former students, who helped organize and work at the benefit.

Also thank you to the Elks and their members for all of their efforts as well. Thank you to Father Aaron and the parishioners at St. Ann's for your prayers and support.

As I continue on this journey, know that I appreciate all the prayers and support that so many people have given me.

Mike Ortmann

Wadena, Minn.

WDC teacher has many to thank for support

It is at this time that we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for the many, many acts of kindness that have been showered on us since Craig's cancer diagnosis. We are deeply humbled, overwhelmed and awestruck with the love, support, prayers, compassion and generosity of family and friends. We cannot possibly thank the WDC staff enough for all the work that went into organizing the benefit for Craig and Mike this last Saturday and to those who attended or contributed in any way.

Many thanks as well to our Immanuel church family and Craig's "Coffee clutch". To those of you who raised funds to bring Ryan home from Egypt and for those who helped Kevin with rides to St Paul, Morris and home. Our strength is a reflection of your prayers, your generosity, and the gift of your friendships.

Wadena is such a wonderful community for coming to the aid of those in need for any reason. We only hope to humbly pay this forward in an honorable way. Thank you!

Craig, Tammie, Ryan and Kevin Klawitter

Wadena, Minn.

Tornado-damaged area needs to be maintained

Last summer, no effort was made by the City of Wadena to see that the owner of the tornado-leveled area between the railroad tracks and Hwy. 10 was maintained. it was a total eyesore for travelers on Hwy. 10 to have to view acres of weeds that even turned brown as the summer progressed. What a bad message that sent to travelers and patrons of Wadena businesses!

Before that area gets redeveloped, it should be seeded to grass and mowed on a regular basis by the owner or done by the city and billed to the owner.

If a private citizen would let their house lawn get that bad, action would, no doubt, be taken by the City.

Harvey Primus

Bluffton, Minn.

Who steals flea market signs?

How low can a person be to steal flea market signs? A person just selling to make a little extra cash. Hope you can make use of them.

Butch Waln and Aliva Robinson

Wadena, Minn.