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Your letters - May 22 edition

Banquet and hide sales money well-spent

Many people wonder how we spent our money from the banquet and hide sales.

• We spent $1,600 to install the NASP program in the WDC school, along with DNR and federal matching funds.

• We donated $1,500 to the high school trap shooting team for the second year.

• We donated $1,000 to Knob Hill for the second year in a row toward the new trap machine.

• We purchased two large mammal boxes for the FFA programs at WDC and NYM schools at $550 each.

• We provided stocking caps to the students taking the firearm safety class. 33 students at $7 each for a total of $231.

• We will be hosting, along with Knob Hill Sportsman's Club, the area Youth Banquet for youth from age 10 to 17. Each club gives $1,000 to run this project.

• We are sending up to 12 forkhorns to camp this summer at $300 each.

• We are also giving three $500 grants to graduating seniors from WDC high school.

• The seed giveaway is set for May 17 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Corn and soybeans, high racks, and sunflower seeds will be given. Over $5,000 is spent on this.

John Edinger, Director, Wadena Chapter MDHA

Wadena, Minn.