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Your Letters - March 27 edition

Real reason for tax situation needs to be told

Recent media coverage has highlighted the "tax cutting frenzy" currently being debated by Governor Dayton and DFL legislators. The tax cut proposal being debated would provide a tax relief package totaling approximately $500 million. The politicians who are now advocating tax cuts are exactly the same individuals who, less than one year ago, were in a feeding frenzy to increase taxes on nearly all hard-working Minnesotans. In fact, during the 2013 legislative session, Governor Dayton and his legislative majorities increased taxes by a whopping $2.1 billion and increased the biennium spending budget by $3 billion.

Additionally, Minnesota is ranked among the ten highest taxing states in the nation on a per capita basis.

In recent years, several major companies have expanded and/or created new jobs outside of the state and many Minnesotans have found it necessary to seek decent paying jobs in other locations like Sioux Falls, Fargo or North Dakota's oil patch.

Why the sudden change in tax policy by liberal politicians? Two major factors: first, there has been a solid year of strong pushback by hardworking farmers, small business owners and individuals against last year's massive tax increases. Secondly, 2014 is an election year for both Governor Dayton and all house legislators. Suddenly, the Governor and his legislative lemmings who rammed through massive tax increases last year are willing to give back a small portion in the form of 2014 tax cuts. Fortunately, most taxpayers are wise enough to see through this election year tax giveback rhetoric.

Minnesotans deserve better. Minnesota should not be ranked last in the nation in creating new businesses when states like Mississippi and Montana are among the top five. It is time to clean house in St. Paul. Out of control "tax and spenders" need to be replaced with commonsense conservatives. Evaluate the facts and let your voice be heard next November.

A.L. Kleinke

Nevis. Minn.