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Your letters - March 20 edition

In response to 'Athletic Art' from Feb. 20

I painted the first four panels on the Main Street of the mural. I discontinued helping Jim with this project because he started to paint onto my already finished paintings. He told me Thomas Malchow was his favorite part that I did and he did not alter that part. He mostly altered the 3rd and 4th panels with shading of green in places I had shaded with white and black. Taylor, Jim and Erin Pederson painted the panels on the South side of the Uptown during the summer after graduation. I also painted several other murals that year for WDC. One mural was in the hockey arena and the other was in the district office. Both survived the tornado.

My name is Erika Windels and I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. Growing up everyone always told me that I was going to be an Artist. I have been selling my paintings since the age of 16 and my business name is Paintings by Erika Jane. I paint commissioned murals for local businesses such as Anytime Fitness and MN Surf. Many people come to me for various projects and I enjoy the diversity. I also enjoy face painting in the summer and was a tattoo apprentice for a short time.

I graduate this spring from CLC and I am transferring to St.Cloud State to finish my Bachelors in Fine Arts and Psychology. From there I will attend Narpo University in Boulder Colorado to complete my Doctorate as an Art Therapist. I have always been very interested in the medical field and am always busy with an art project so I feel my career as an Art Therapist will be the perfect match.

I am also very interested in Children's book Illustration, fitness/nutrition and horticulture. I plan to have my own studio/coffee shop downtown Boulder Colorado, where I will teach yoga classes, produce and sell art while also illustrating children's books. In my old age I would like to teach younger students about art and have a greenhouse and hobby farm.

Erika Windels