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Get help to find the right health plan

Dear Editor,

MNsure wants you to believe that buying health insurance is like booking a trip at Expedia. But if you're like tens of thousands of others who've tried to pick the right health insurance, you know it's much more complicated than MNsure says it is.

You have a right to use an adviser to guide you to the right decision. These advisers cost you nothing, but may save you hundreds of dollars. They may even save your life. They are called insurance agents. Insurance agents are required to be licensed by the State of Minnesota, undergo extensive ongoing continuing education, and most buy additional insurance in order to make sure their customers are protected for errors or omissions.

Most people don't realize that the premium you pay for insurance is the same, whether or not you have the help of an agent. It's built into the premium. If you buy directly from the insurance carrier, or through MNsure, THEY keep that money. It doesn’t flow back into your community.

 So you don't have to be confused and you don't have to spend extra money - just look for an insurance agent in your area who can help you.

 Christopher Klein

Eagle Bend