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Your Letters

Enjoying Pioneer Journal columns

It's wonderful to see Ethelyn Pearson back. Her wonderful, interesting renditions of local history put the "Pioneer" back in the Pioneer Journal. The varied and wonderful people who settled and built this community and county deserve to be recalled, and Ethelyn has a fine voice for rendering the memories.

In her column "70 Years" (about Bluegrass and Gordy and Geri Askew) she mentioned how the Askews hosted musicians at their store on Friday nights. One those musicians was my father, Gordon Olson, and I still have a photo or two of his band playing on that storefront. Keep up the good work and columns!

Dennis Olson

Santa Rosa, California

Thank you Empty Stocking volunteers

Thank you to the volunteers who so generously shared their time and their talents for the 2013 Empty Stocking Talent program. The program was a success due to your support. We are very fortunate to have so many talented individuals in our community. Thank you!

Diane Peters

Talent Coordinator, Empty Stocking