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Work on WDC's curriculum

It is with deep interest I read the amount of money in the contract offered to Dr. Dahlstrom.

I also found it interesting that there was no mention of these key facts: WDC Elementary is below the state proficiency standards in reading. And the WDC High School is below the standards in math AND science. (source: Minnesota Department of Education, Analysis Options, 2010 MCA-II )

Our teachers all meet the Highest Quality (HQ) standards under federal requirements. So where does the accountability lay? While I am sure Dr. Dahlstrom was wonderful and supportive and strong in the aftermath of the tornado (weren't we all?), only 38.52 percent of all students tested were proficient in science. 38.52 percent!

The state average pay for a superintendent is $110,000. Why in the world would we offer more? We tanked these tests all three years she has been under contract.

Because she was "strong" during the tornado? Because she wants to see the building project to its end? Where have I seen ANY talks about what is being done with our curriculum to ensure that the kids are not left behind?

In my opinion, you want to bring in business and families to the area, don't put a bow on an empty package. Our kids are smart, our teachers the best, what's the problem?

Alison Greydanus