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Small events add up in a big way

In this space, you'll often see our newspaper praising the huge efforts put forth by volunteers to put on big events -- parades, fairs, street dances, etc. Those gatherings take Herculean efforts and a lot of elbow grease to put together, and every bit of praise we offer is well deserved.

But just under the surface of those huge splashes are a million little waves -- smaller events that draw perhaps a handful of visitors to our fair city, or maybe hundreds, but are more niche events and don't get the headlines the others do.

This weekend, M State is hosting another gaming tournament for young people (or older) who enjoy playing computer games. It's a simple event but it's greatly appreciated by those who attend. Every weekend -- and many weekdays -- there are many such events that stitch together the social fabric of our community.

Whether it's a quilt group, canasta club, bowling team, youth hockey team, board game enthusiasts or book club, these little events are the things that make life fun. And everyone who participates in or organizes one makes the bonds of our community stronger.

Bravo to everyone who follows their hobbies or other pursuits, and gets together with others to do the same.

The Pioneer Journal editorial represents the voice of the newspaper's editorial board. Today's editorial was written by Steve Schulz, editor and publisher.