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Tone-deaf politicians don't listen again

The Obama administration sent out an e-mail to supporters Wednesday after the stunning defeat of a Democratic candidate in left-leaning Massachusetts Tuesday, in essence saying the loss was because people wanted more change faster.

In exact words, the e-mail said "Yesterday's disappointing election results show deep discontent with the pace of change. I know the OFA community and the President share that frustration."

Now the e-mail never explicitly says that the president believes the pace of change is too slow, but from the context, it's clear that's what's meant.

If that's what they really think, they missed the message completely.

And before we start beating up on Democrats for not hearing a message the public is screaming, let's remember the GOP's many, many statements after the 2008 election that the reason they were drubbed at the polling places across the country was because they weren't Republican enough -- they weren't following their own playbook closely enough.

They were wrong then, and the president is wrong now.

What people are tired of, mad as hell about, or just tuned out about because they're so frustrated, is that we have two "teams" in Washington that think whenever they have one more rear-end in a seat on the Senate or House floor that they own the place, and the only way they should act is to impose their wills and protect their own re-elections.

We're past the point that most Americans really want their "team" to win anymore. They just want to keep the other team from screwing things up at such break-neck speed as we've witnessed.

They're tired of bailouts. They're tired of endless spending, corruption, and fraud throughout systems like Medicare, which are seemingly never going to be fixed. They're tired of labor unions, bank lobbyists, Detroit automakers, trial lawyers, drug companies and every special interest under the sun having their hands in the Treasury's back pockets, yanking out dollars. Our dollars. They're tired of back room deals and promises broken.

It's like a football game where the quarterback throws three interceptions in the first quarter. Then the crowd cheers for the backup quarterback to be put in the game, and he fumbles the first two times he touches it. The crowd isn't clamoring for either of these guys. The crowd just wants someone to come in who won't lose the game by his very presence.

Americans aren't frustrated that George W. Bush wasn't conservative enough, or Barack Obama isn't changing things fast enough. They just want a lean government that does what it's supposed to do and no more. Instead we get a bloated government that fails to deliver.

Of course, all of us out here in the hinterland know this. The ones who don't are in Washington, and they're clearly not listening, no matter how many messages they're sent by the voters.

The Pioneer Journal editorial represents the voice of the newspaper's editorial board. Today's editorial was written by Steve Schulz, editor and publisher.