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Please bear with us through transition

Today as I write this, it's the last hectic Tuesday deadline at the Pioneer Journal. As of next week, we'll be moving to a Saturday publication.

The reasons for the move have been well-documented here, so I won't reiterate them, other than to say it was a move of necessity -- not necessarily one of choice -- but it nonetheless gives us a better, stronger product.

We've been working hard behind the scenes to iron out a lot of logistics, from completely changing the way we track our delivery routes to realigning production and printing schedules to match our new Saturday publication of the Pioneer Journal and Intercom.

We feel prepared, but that doesn't mean it will be without errors, so we ask you to bear with us. With so many moving parts changing drastically, we'd be incredibly naive to expect there won't be issues that need to be corrected. So if you don't get your Pioneer Journal on time, or you notice a little dot on your newspaper tube that wasn't there before, or the new publication date simply messes up your normal newspaper-reading routine, please accept our apology in advance, and our attention after the fact.

We're going to react quickly to fix any problems that crop up with this move, but we'll need your help and patience to do that. If you have concerns about the new delivery schedule, you can call us at (218) 631-2561 or e-mail me at

While new schedules and procedures will be strange for everyone -- especially us -- we expect to quickly hit our stride and adjust to this new reality. If we have a few stumbles along the way, please remember every subscriber, every advertiser and every news source are important to us and we're committed to emerging with a product that everyone will be proud of.

Thank you for your patience.

This editorial was written by Steve Schulz, the editor and GM of the Wadena Pioneer Journal.