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An indoor Wadena events facility?

While it hasn't seemed like a particularly wet summer, rain at inopportune times has spoiled (or at least dampened) the fun at many Wadena events this summer.

With a few large, empty buildings in town, is it feasible to talk about an events center here?

It was disappointing to see big events like the summer parade, the Relay for Life, the Conservation Expo and some Wadena County Fair events either cancelled, altered or moved indoors this summer, especially considering how hard the volunteers work to put these events on.

Of course, some of these events would work well indoors, and others wouldn't work well at all. But there's been talk in the past of an events center. Would there be some advantage to reviving that talk?

The former Pamida and old SuperOne locations would certainly work, but there's no way it would be economically feasible to just do a few events a year in those locations. And it couldn't just be Wadena events -- any event center would have to be used heavily by our neighboring towns to work.

But there are so many benefits, weddings and other events that could use a little more space.

Whether it's part of the Regional Wellness Center talk, or a free-standing structure, maybe we should at least have the conversation while some of these buildings are vacant.