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Where are all the people?

One could argue that the night was a bit cool but not raining to kick off the 121st Wadena County Fair. Lake many others, we received an invitation to attend the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremony opening night of the fair. This was to be a special night to celebrate the efforts of many people who, in some way worked to re-build the fairgrounds. We listened and enjoyed hearing from members of the fair board and local dignitaries talk about the teamwork and financial commitment to the fairgrounds. The fairgrounds certainly have come a long way in the last four years and there are still at least a couple buildings to be built. At the end of the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting, we enjoyed some cake and refreshments. You can see pictures and read our coverage of this event in today's paper. The reason you won't see a shot of the audience is that hardly anybody attended. Where were all the people?

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