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Open house for award winning WDC pre-school set for Feb. 27

Lee Westrum, Superintendent, WDC Schools

Parents of children who will be three or four years old prior to the start of the 2014-2015 school year are invited to attend a pre-school open house program on Thursday, Feb. 27 at WDC Elementary. The program will start in the cafeteria at 5:30 p.m. with a meal and will then move to the auditorium at 6 p.m. The open house will conclude with a tour of the pre-school classrooms.

Pre-school is a very popular program at WDC and rightly so. This past year, WDC pre-school received a four star award from Minnesota Parent Aware. Parent Aware is a rating system developed to help parents choose quality early childhood programs for their young children. In order to qualify for this rating the pre-school staff has gone through training in curriculum and assessment and providing a pre-school program that meets the diverse needs of all young children and helps them to be successful in their future education. Earning a four star rating qualified the WDC pre-school program for a grant that provided scholarships for children to help with the cost of attending pre-school. Scholarships have been awarded to families that qualify based on family size and income.

While there is no requirement that students attend pre-school, we do recommend that students have at least one year of pre-school before starting Kindergarten. There are many benefits to attending pre-school programs and approximately 75 percent of WDC Kindergarteners attend WDC Pre-school prior to enrolling in Kindergarten. Students attending pre-school receive the benefit of instruction focused on beginning literacy and basic math skills like number identification. They also work on their independence and getting along with others. An added benefit is that a year or two in pre-school makes the transition to Kindergarten smoother and more comfortable for the youngster and parents alike.

WDC Pre-school offers a flexible schedule and parents can select an option that works best for them. Three-year olds (age by Sept. 1) attend two half days a week and parents can select either morning or afternoon sections. Four-year olds (age by Sept. 1) can attend four half days a week in the morning or afternoon or two full days a week. Also, transportation to and from pre-school is provided and WDC pre-school is open to families that live outside of the WDC School District. There is a sliding fee scale based on the parents' income and because of the four star rating there are also scholarships available for low income families to help with the fees for the program.

Patti Isaacson is the Pre-school Coordinator and she would be happy to answer any questions you might have about WDC pre-school. Her email is and she can be reached by phone at 632-2390. We look forward to seeing you at the open house.