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WDC provides healthy choices for students

By Sandie Rentz, WDC Food Services Director

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant

     This Federal grant is designed to not only give students a healthy alternative to high fat and/or salty snacks, it exposes them to a variety of fruits and vegetables they may not have tried.  At WDC Schools, we feel very fortunate to have received this grant once again as it is primarily based on free and reduced numbers in the elementary school.  Each teacher determines when the snack is offered in the classroom.  The cooks prepare the fruit or vegetable for distribution each morning.  Some of the offerings have included Asian apple pear, sugar snap peas, black plums, and lemon drop melon.

New menu

     The School Nutrition Service has added new regulations for breakfast along with the existing lunch regulations.  These are based on set calorie limits for age groups along with requirements for fruits and vegetables.  Each week, we offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. 

     In the elementary, we provide students at least two different vegetables, usually one hot and one fresh.  We also offer the students four to five different fruit choices each day, some fresh and some canned with no added sugar.  This is in addition to the main entrée and milk each day.

     In the middle/high school, along with the fruit choices, there is a vegetable bar each day with at least four different fresh vegetables to choose from.  This is in addition to the choice of the main entrée, sub sandwich, pre-made salad or yogurt parfait each day.

Students may take up to two fruits and as many vegetables as they want each day.  An additional entrée may be purchased as well. We were fortunate to have a Registered Dietician develop our menus for the school year and all menus meet the guidelines set up by USDA and are posted on our website each month.

     The parent/family lunch account is available on our school website at  Each family must go in and re-register their account.  If you have any questions, please call me and I will help you through the program.


     We have been busy with our Farm-to-School program.  Thank you Mary Ann Hagen for coordinating this program which began in 2009 at WDC.  So far this year, we’ve offered corn on the cob from Gregg and Joan Goeden of Wadena and heirloom tomatoes from Kathy Connell of Sebeka.  Connecting schools and area producers is one of the Farm-to-School program’s objectives, as well as improving student nutrition and providing agriculture, health and nutrition education opportunities.

     If you have any questions about our programs, please feel free to call me at 632-2396. I’d be happy to visit with you.