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Introducing the Community Feature page

In an effort to help build and celebrate our community, we are making a commitment to even more Wadena news with the introduction of our Community Feature Page, which starts today. Each week, we will have a full page with photos and a feature story on the first page of section B. There are so many fun community events throughout the year in Wadena that we felt this kind of a feature was needed. 

The content will be fun, positive, and beneficial to the community.

We will continue to focus most of our coverage on supplying local news, which is the news that our readers care most about: news that reflects the community and tells its stories. News that provides a place for ideas and opinions. The opportunity to do this has never been better. I mentioned last week that, although we are a weekly newspaper, our goal is to keep you informed as an "Internet 

Daily,” which will be successful considering the fact that 90 percent of Americans own a computer or a 

computerized gadget. You now can obtain your local news that is important to you on a daily basis. 

Going forward, we will keep you updated on our progress and the features that we add.