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Four years and one month

By now all of us here at the Wadena Pioneer Journal hope you are aware of the publication date change from Saturdays back to Thursdays.  Indeed, this Sept. 28 edition marks the last Saturday publication.  On Thursday, Oct. 3, we will go back to Thursdays.  I started to wonder how long it has been since the last Thursday edition.  I went to our Archive Room here at the PJ and did some digging.  I found that Thursday, Sept.3, 2009, was the last time, which was four years and one month ago! 

People are excited about the change too!  We have received several "kudos" from many people since we made the announcement at the beginning of the month.  Earlier this week, a person who farms nearby stopped in at the paper to do some business, but also wanted to meet me.  I came out to greet him and he said, “You have only been here three months and are making the change back to Thursdays.  Not bad!” This was a very nice compliment from him in regard to the direction of the paper.

I found out that changing a publication date is a lot of work, but it has been a great experience.  I don't want to bore you with the details, but rather would like to thank my team for their hard work: Brian, Diann, Britanie, Bette, Kristina, Jessica, Helen, and Heather.  In addition, there are many others in the Forum Communications Company to thank.  They know who they are, but are not listed here.  We do expect there will be a few bumps in the road as we make this transition and we do appreciate your patience.

There will be some other positive changes coming about as we transition back to our Thursday publication.  In addition to more local news, there will be some new advertising opportunities.  Part of the front page will be slightly re-worked with a few additions, which include an original Wadena Pioneer Journal Quick Response Code, or QR code for smart phones that brings readers directly to our website each day.

Speaking of our website, we know it needs some work and will improve as we make it more of a focus going forward.  To do this, I am happy to report that we have the right team in place, which I referenced earlier.  Although we are a weekly newspaper, our goal is to keep you informed each day as an ‘Internet Daily.’ We will give you accurate daily news as it happens at  The news is what we do and we look forward to bring it to you as a newspaper each Thursday and each day on the Internet daily!