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Top 10 reasons to switch to Thursday

I love comedy, and over the years, I have stayed up late to watch the various late night talk shows. One segment that I have always enjoyed is David Letterman's top 10 list! More on that later; I will begin by explaining where I am going with this.

Growing up in rural North Dakota, I became familiar with three weekly newspapers: The Enderlin Independent, The Ransom County Gazette, and the Kulm Messenger. Besides being weekly newspapers, they had one other thing in common: they did not come out on Saturdays! When I interviewed for this position this past June, I was asked if I had any questions. So, I asked, "why does the Wadena Pioneer Journal come out on Saturday?" Both of the people interviewing me seemed to be intrigued with my question and wanted to discuss it more, and we did.

Fast forward to this past week, and the budget portion of moving the Pioneer Journal to Thursdays was approved by my boss as well as the President of the company. I need to thank them first for their support of this switch back to Thursdays, which is first scheduled to take place on Oct. 3. The Intercom will continue to come out Saturday. Now, back to the top 10 list:

10. Thursday will be a good for people who want to know what movies are coming out on Thursday/Friday.

9. Thursday you can read about past sporting events, but also preview upcoming sporting events.

8. Thursday you can read ahead and preview upcoming schedules for the weekend.

7. Thursday will be better for people who read The Canary (Shopper), since it will come to our customers sooner and they will have it a few days before the auctions or other events.

6. Thursday will be a much better day for the newspapers that we mail to subscribers.

5. Thursday will allow businesses that are closed on the weekends to get their paper the day it is delivered.

4. Thursday was the number one item brought up from a survey that we did with some of our advertisers and readers.

3. Thursday will help our advertisers because their business can now advertise a few days ahead of a weekend sale instead of an entire week ahead.

2. Thursday is the day that the Wadena Pioneer Journal has always been published in the past.

And the top reason for the Wadena Pioneer Journal to switch back to a Thursday publication is...

1. You spoke, we listened.

We are also listening, and delivering more Wadena news to you. You will continue to see more local writers contribute to the content of the newspaper.

Another huge initiative, which is as important as the switch back to having our local paper delivered Thursday, is to improve our internet website. In the next few months, we will be working hard to give you a reason to check for breaking news each day when you go to our website!

The staff at the Wadena Pioneer Journal is very excited about these changes and want to thank our subscribers, advertisers, readers, and vendors for supporting your local newspaper!