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Week two a real challenge of a challenge

Week two of the Exuberant Woman challenge was a tough one. I almost wanted to quit and go back to being just my plain Jane, self-pitying self. Two major events occurred this week.

My best friend begged me to go to The Conjuring with her. I don't do scary movies. The last scary movie I watched was Children of the Corn when I was a teen. That movie gave me nightmares for several weeks and I vowed that I would NEVER see another scary movie. What possible entertainment value is there in crying, screaming, and sleepless nights that result from a scary movie?

But in a moment of weakness, coupled with sheer insanity and a desire to stretch my comfort zone for this self-imposed challenge, I agreed to go with her. Her husband and another friend and her husband went as well. I sat in the middle of these two couples, the lone fifth wheel, the token single lady. I can't tell you if the movie was good or not, because I closed my eyes, and for some strange reason, plugged my ears for much of the movie. I caught enough of it to know it had a real storyline and is based on a true story, which only adds to the creepiness factor. I suppose it was a decent movie, as far as horror films go. At least I completed a task for the challenge this week. I am all set for horror films for the next decade.

On a more serious note, things fizzled with Mr. Maybe and I am not completely sure why. I was left with a lot of questions and was feeling sorry for myself. I am going to be 37 in a few weeks and had some thoughts that I really have nothing to show for it in the romance department. I realized I had two choices — I could wallow in self-doubt or I could get over it and get back in the saddle. I only needed to send out an emergency text and my marvelous, crazy, hilarious, steadfast girlfriends came through for me. We went to one of our favorite bars in town. Two for one night makes it affordable. What started as a day of sadness ended up being one of my favorite memories. We ate greasy food, told jokes, talked about a myriad of topics, and laughed until we cried. My friends gave me the requisite speech that it's not me, it's him, and I actually found myself believing it. They also spent time discussing who they are going to set me up with next, which made me grin. Thank goodness for awesome friends.

Part of my challenge is to accept who I am, love myself, and change what needs changing. The end of a relationship made me realize that I am ok, that I can choose to be happy alone and that I have truly awesome friends. I love my girls!