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WDC partners with Perham for day of learning

Tyler Church, Principal, WDC Middle/High School

It continues to be a busy time at Wadena-Deer Creek Schools. Winter sports are in full swing and winter vacation is right around the corner. As the school year moves forwards, we continue to provide great experiences for our kids. Last week was no exception.

On Dec. 11, Wadena-Deer Creek High School partnered with Perham and Battle Lake high schools for an exciting day of learning for our 9 through 12 graders. Approximately 100 of our juniors and seniors attended a Career/College/Job Fair hosted by Perham High School. This event allowed students to explore careers, build connections with current learning, and provide students with information about specific careers available in this area.

Local business owners and employees presented mini-sessions on what job skills and qualifications were needed to be employed by them. Careers in business, engineering, manufacturing, management, health care, culinary, education, and many others were presented. Students were also able to visit with college representatives. One of our obvious goals with students is to prepare them for life after school and opportunities like this help us to do just that.

As our juniors and seniors were in Perham, WDC High School hosted area 9 through 10 graders in a health and safety day. Nearly 450 freshman and sophomores had the opportunity to listen to three speakers. Quentin Whitehead Sr. started the program off with his "Be B.I.G.G.E.R Than the Bully" program. He spoke about being positive with others and always remembering the right thing to do. He stressed to the students the need to make a conscious effort to remember how to better treat others.

Maria Willits then spoke about mental health and suicide prevention. Maria's son committed suicide six years ago and her talk focused on depression. She stressed to students that being depressed or mentally ill is not something to be ashamed of. Her son was a very popular student and a typical teenager. He was not bullied, but he was depressed and he did not get help for that. Maria delivered a very powerful program on taking care of oneself.

Lt. Mike Detloff from the Moorhead Police Department was our final speaker. Detloff spoke about Internet safety, cyber-bullying, Facebook, texting and driving, and other issues affecting students on a daily basis. Detloff talked about the seriousness of what people do on the Internet or with their phones. He spoke to the legal side and the danger involved with these issues. His speech laid out for the students why they need to be careful with Internet safety and how serious things can become if they do not.

WDC would like to thank Perham High School for being the leaders in the organization of this day. Working with Perham, we were able to provide our 9 through 12 grade students with great learning experiences. This was certainly a successful day, and something we hope we can offer on a yearly basis.