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Wellness talks: What’s next?

By Lori Schloeder Gress

Do I have anything left to write about now that the Maslowski Wellness and Research Center groundbreaking ceremony is over?   It seems as if I am on a post groundbreaking vacation right now! 

     However, I do know that the Wellness Center fundraising is not yet completed.  When the bids for the Wellness Center came in at $1 million over the original estimates, the fundraising committee rallied and said we will make it happen.  We will raise the additional funds to finish the project in its entirety.  So, we have gone back and sent letters to our original major donors asking for an increase in their existing bids of 10-20 percent and we sent a direct mail piece to all area households asking for everyone’s help to finish the project and “Fill The Pool!”

     Imagine what it would be like if we completed the facility and didn’t have the funds to put the water in the pool.  I have a picture in my mind of young kids sitting at the bottom of the pool in their bathing suits with goggles/snorkels on, but no water in the pool to swim – let your imagination determine the disappointment on their faces.  In fact, think about the past few years the area kids have gone without a swimming pool and their faces become reality!

     If you are able, the Maslowski Wellness and Research Center needs your help to “Fill The Pool!”  We haven’t needed to ask everyone previously, but we do now.  We need everyone’s help to finish the project in its entirety.

     The ground has been broken and the contractors are moving as quickly as possible to get enough work done prior to the ground freeze.  We are thankful the Wadena City Council approved the project with our commitment to get back out there until we had the funds to finish the work that has now been started.  And we will do it with everyone’s help!

     If you can help “Fill The Pool,” please return the direct mail piece sent to all area homes earlier this week with your tax deductible donation.  And, if you can make a pledge over the next four years to donate more, please contact Jeff Browne (218-631-5261) or Mike Craig (218-631-4096) and they can help you get that set up as well.

     Everyone’s help is needed now!  Every donation will be appreciated for years ahead! Help us “Fill The Pool” and complete the fundraising efforts now!

     Wadena is coming back even stronger!  When we work together we can make it happen!