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Activities Update

Fall is here and with it, the echoes of whistles, the bouncing of volleyballs, and the crack of shoulder pads, along with a variety of other sounds can be heard every night after school at Wadena-Deer Creek High School. Student-athletes are involved in football, volleyball, cross country, girls’ tennis and cheerleading. Shortly, Mr. Patterson will fire up the fall play crew, adding to the excitement of a new school year.

     It’s an exciting and hectic time of year. Parents are running kids to practice, trying to remember busy schedules and just which shortcut will get them to the out of town game on time.  In addition to students balancing course work and activity demands, they wrapped up an exciting week of homecoming activities, culminating with the big dance after the football game Friday night.

     Our Activity Department has joined with many schools throughout the state and the country in using the School Today scheduling program. This handy, web-based program allows for parents to stay well informed about athletic schedules at Wadena-Deer Creek. If you haven’t visited the website, it is a wonderful tool. There are two ways to access it, go to or follow the link to our schedules from the WDC homepage at

     The program allows parents to view schedules for sports and levels in which their student athletes participate. Additionally, parents and fans can sign up for alerts when schedules change. Believe me, after the spring we had last year, this is an important feature! For many events, locations, such as the name of the field where the event is being played, also are listed. This allows parents to know exactly where the event is before they leave the driveway.

    By. Norm Gallant, Activities Director, Wadena-Deer Creek Schools

Our WDC communications coordinator, Dana Pavek, also does a great job of keeping the school website up to date with any changes that may occur during the day. If the weather looks iffy at all, give the website a peak to see if there are any updates. Dana also disseminates information to the local radio stations and newspapers as soon as changes are made.

     Finally, I have started a Twitter Feed @WDCAD where I will post scheduling updates to communicate to parents and fans. If you are into Twitter, look for my updates on WDC activities as they come up.  It’s a quick and easy way for me to get information out.

     It’s mind boggling to me how fast our world is changing and how fast we can get information to the public. Our office will continue to do our very best to communicate schedules and changes in schedules as soon as we can. Weather-related decisions are typically made late in the afternoon; look for changes late in the school day.

     Our student-athletes and coaches are working very hard this season. Our summer W.I.N. strength and conditioning program was exciting. About 35 student athletes consistently attended, lifted weights and worked on speed and agility. We hope to see those numbers continue to grow as we continue to strive to teach teamwork, dedication, leadership and other life lessons through activities.

     If you haven’t taken the time to support our kids, come on up to the gym, fields or courts. If you have, thank you, and keep coming! Our kids are doing some good things and appreciate your continued support. Wadena-Deer Creek is a great place to be!