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Fullness in Life

By. Jake Heppner

I was eight years old when my fancy was captured by a bejeweled, golden-bright plastic sword presented by a peddler at a Barnum and Bailey circus. My heart was seized by the sword as my family walked into the Big Top, but I was denied the sword with the ruby-encrusted handle: "It's not worth the money it costs," I was told. I could hardly focus on the acrobatics and elephants, and for days, my imagination summoned images of what life would be like if I possessed the sword - how I would look as a pirate or knight, all the adventures to be undertaken, and the looks on the neighbors faces when they saw a sword in the neighborhood. After days of petitioning (bellyaching), my parents surprised me with a similar, discount-store sword! I wielded and skipped around the yard, skewering imaginary threats, and finally ended the routine with a charge at the propane tank and - SNAP! - proved that the steel tank was the better made of the two (although decidedly less flashy).

Whenever I see these circus swords, I'm reminded at how easily and passionately a childish heart is attached to things of little worth, and I'm reminded that the ease and passion of beguilement rarely subsides with age. The pursuits are different; but the inclination to passionately pursue pleasure from short-sighted seductions remains the same, and our imaginations continue to paint pictures of fulfillment and satisfaction if only we could possess the thing that charms us. Satisfaction and purpose continues to elude our grasp until we frustrate ourselves with hopeless exhaustion.

Psalm 119:35-37 illustrates our need to turn to God and His Word in order to find true fulfillment and purpose in life, "Make me walk in the path of Your commandments, for I delight in it. Incline my heart to Your testimonies, and not to covetousness (selfish gain). Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way."

Can delight really come from reading a boring old book? Can you and I really find something with lasting meaning by being told what to do? Is life purpose really to be found in the dusty pages of the Bible?

The testimony is that purpose, meaning, delight, and joy is found nowhere else than God's Word; satisfaction cannot be found apart from God's path, but there are many charms of worthless things along life's journey, but all the promises of our imagination are broken; none of the appetites or cravings are satisfied; none of the trinkets retain their mesmerizing hold for long. Refreshment and revival is found in God's path for your life, beginning with the decision to choose Jesus Christ as your Savior from sin, and a submission to God to follow His steps laid out for you as shown in His Word; only then can delight, purpose, and substance be experienced.