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Proposed concert series a great idea

It was reported this week that two partners visited the Ottertail City Council on Feb. 21 with the idea to bring a concert series to the town this summer. Some of the names they would like to get? From the sound of it, REO Speedwagon, Stevie Nicks, Steely Dan, Kansas, Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac and ZZ Top were on the list of bands Brad Morgan and Marv Anderson would like to bring to Ottertail.

I think this is a fantastic idea for a few reasons.

First off, I confess I am a huge 70's and 80's rock fan. Believe it or not, much of my time in high school was spent feet away from my dad's vintage turntable, listening to his AC/DC, Van Halen and Toto records. He also had an impressive cassette tape collection that I enjoyed listening to.

But more importantly, I think bringing the proposed Ottertail Concert Series here would be a huge plus for area residents, financially. An event like this could bring in a lot of money by attracting fans to the area.

This event would also be beneficial for residents in that it would give them something new to look forward to. Many of us anticipate summer activities, such as attending town celebrations and spending time near surrounding lakes. But a concert - especially one that could become a yearly attraction - could really become a big deal in our neck of the woods.

Plus, some of the proposed band names are huge. We're talking about some real music legends here. But, as you already know, I am somewhat biased in this matter. I digress.

Understandably, the Ottertail City Council wants to make sure all the proper safety procedures would be followed for the venture. It sounds like the two organizers are willing to play ball.

Detroit Lakes has WE Fest, and that has proven to be huge for them. People come from all over to see their favorite country stars perform. Perhaps there could be potential for similar festivals closer to home - on a smaller scale, most likely.

Plus, I imagine such an event could bring more business to Wadena. There is definitely room for positive thinking here.

Now, during my time as a journalist, I've seen a lot of city-aimed proposals such as this get shot down by naysayers at all levels. Let me be honest in saying I think there is a chance this proposal could be denied somewhere along the line. But again, positive thinking is key.

I see the chance for something good in our area. And if the benefits I've considered were to come to light, it would be music to our ears.