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No comments heard from those who supposedly care about others

The letters expressing fear, anger and self-righteous indignation over any attempt to limit multi-round ammunition clips, semi-automatic assault weapons, etc., continue to show the paranoid, delusional attitudes that exist about this issue!

The letter expressing an analogy between guns and cars was especially pitiful! How many cars/trucks have been acquired for the purpose of killing something or someone?

Our state senator, as an ex-sheriff, has no problem with this unlimited access and would not enforce any limitation on how many, what kind, etc., of firearms. How preposterous!

I wonder how many of these paranoid individuals have had a family member, etc., murdered by a gun? I haven't seen one letter from our local clergy, mental health professionals or local law enforcement personnel, with the exception of aforementioned state senator, expressing a view or commentary about this issue. What a conspicuous lack of concern about people/families who have been impacted by a sick mind with a gun at the end of their hand.

How many children have to be murdered before we hear any commentary from those who supposedly care about others, voicing concern about how these innocent children and others have had their lives ended. We see, daily, how drunk drivers are deemed a danger to society, rightfully so, and yet we can carry concealed weapons with absolute confidence that no one will question our right to do so.

Even our president had to have a picture published showing him with a gun to limit the paranoid reaction by those who want this unlimited access. For those who have weapons for hunting or target shooting, it's their choice about how they pursue their hobby. But when assault rifles, handguns with large capacity clips, etc., enter the conversation, we have a completely different intent.

Arthur J. Le Suer