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A judgment call

In the recent Senate committee hearing regarding the president's nominee for secretary of defense, Sen. John McCain pilloried and badgered his old friend, former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel.

McCain was determined to force the view that his opinion on the so-called "surge" in Iraq was the right decision despite the deaths of another 1,000 Americans and 30,000 more Iraqis.

McCain summarized his interrogation of Hagel by saying, "He lacks judgment in his decisions." Wow! This coming from the guy who was censored by the Senate Ethics Committee for "poor judgment," as a member of the infamous Keating Five.

Yet, another blatant example of his judgment was the selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008. This incompetent "lipstick gorilla" would have been one heartbeat from the presidency of the Empire of the United States.

The American voting public was not fooled, however. So, today our position on the "militaristic maverick" and his use of the term "judgment" should evoke our better judgment, should he try for yet another go at the office of president.

Lawrence Denny