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Let's ban it!

In the Jan. 26 issue of the Pioneer Journal, Heidi Anwiler of Moorhead stated that until we ban every gun in America, these mass killings of innocent people will continue.

She states we no longer need guns to hunt for meat. After all, it is the 21st Century, she says.

Heidi needs to go further. In 1995 in Oklahoma City, Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people, including 19 babies in day care. Not one gun was present, not one bullet fired.

The weapon was fertilizer and fuel oil, and until we ban all fertilizer and fuel oil in America, these mass killings will continue.

After all, it is the 21st Century. Do we really need fertilizer and fuel oil?

This past December, a man in upstate New York started his house on fire and killed the firemen when they came to help. The man was recently released from prison. He was convicted of killing his grandmother with a hammer.

Until we get rid of every hammer in America, these killings will continue. It's the 21st Century. Do we really need hammers anymore?

Sept. 11, 2001, thousands of innocent men and women and children were killed and injured. The weapons used - box cutters and airplanes. Until we ban every box cutter and airplane in America, the mass killings will continue.

Thousands of men, women and children are killed and injured every year by drunk drivers, and this will continue until we ban every car, pickup, van, etc. in America. After all, it is the 21st Century. Do we really need automobiles to get around? There are more vehicles in America than guns.


Are we going to ban fertilizer, fuel oil, hammers, box cutters, airplanes and automobiles? No!

Are we going to ban guns in America? We can, but that would be like putting a Band-Aid on terminal lung cancer.

We all know what the real problem is, as do President Obama, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein and Michael Bloomberg. But they cannot, or will not, address the issue. Their quick-fix answer is to ban guns and make stricter gun laws.

Don Roggenkamp

Fergus Falls