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Valentine's Day stories warm the heart

In a number of the columns I've written for the Wadena Pioneer Journal, I feel as though I've mentioned my appreciation for a good story - especially one involving how two people met.

Call me an old romantic, but hey, the stories usually make me chuckle or crack a smile.

Some of my favorite stories originated with family members. Every once in a while, my grandma and grandpa Thompson like to talk about how my grandpa visited a fortune teller who predicted my grandma's name before the two even met.

And then there's the story grandma and grandpa Sullivan like to tell, which involves my grandpa seeing my grandma across a dance floor and working up the courage to ask her to dance. It just doesn't seem like people meet that way anymore, which makes stories like this one all the more precious.

Someone once told me a story of how a woman fell in a lobby, and her future husband, who was an elevator operator at the time, ran over to help her. Chivalry at its finest.

And then there's the story of how my mom asked my dad on a date after they met in their college cafeteria. I've heard that one a million times, but still, it's a classic in our family.

Of course, a lot of these stories flood into my mind around Valentine's Day. The holiday is just around the corner. So, come Thursday, I imagine mass quantities of red roses and balloons will be popping up in offices, classrooms and other areas around town.

When it comes to my favorite type of Valentine's Day story, I often consider the relationships that had rocky, yet comical, starts. I've heard stories where some couples engaged in witty disagreements when they first met, only to fall in love later. Call me an optimist, but I truly believe opposites attract.

As I've said, hearing these stories is fun. But I don't think most people just want to hear these love tales; they need to hear them. We hear enough every day about relationships that crash and burn. Don't even get me started on TV series that involve a bachelor or bachelorette.

Hearing a successful love story can do wonders for a person, and that's why Valentine's Day should be a time of hope; hope that those who are still searching for that special someone will find the happiness they desire; and hope that the best friend you didn't even know you had is out there somewhere, thinking about you.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.