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Child development teachers are prepared

Did you know that brain development peaks at the age of 3? Early education for children is a key point in their life.

Early childhood professionals do more than just babysit children. We actually teach them key facts about their lives. We provide effective learning and growing experiences for children and babies. It is vital to have the understanding and knowledge of how children develop throughout their childhood years.

Mary Wild, author, said, "Without seeing some theoretical understanding, the danger is that, at best, we do things in particular ways of professional habit and thereby run the risk of not providing as worthwhile a learning experience as we could."

Child development enables us teachers to be prepared for the expected - and even unexpected - behavior, physical, social and emotional changes that will take place in many stages during a child's life. Without early childhood education, the children will not learn when their brain is in the peak of learning. If they don't learn while their brain is developing, they could miss out on some key learning opportunities.

Kathryn Henke and Sam Steidl, ATCC Child Development Program