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I need a voice of reason

Dear Representative Nolan,

As you represent our congressional district in the post-Sandy Hook de-bate, I need a voice of reason, please.

Regrettably (predictably, perhaps, from an oft-perceived-as-broken Washington), there has been precious little reasoning. Instead, tone deafness from both sides, political posturing, exploiting the crisis as campaign fod-der for the next election, more diatribe than dialog.

I need a voice that:

• seeks vigorously, meaningfully to prevent gun crime;

• (that failing) seeks through full force of the law to prosecute gun crime;

• (with the same vigor and mean-ing) truly recognizes and respects the truly overwhelming number of law-abiding American gun owners who possess weapons for sport, and/or should need legitimately ever arise, God forbid, protection of self and family; and

• a representative who stands tall for separation of powers; one who re-sists overreach rulings by executive order (gun-related or otherwise) by any president who would be king (Re-publican or Democrat); rulings that usurp Congress' role as elected repre-sentatives of the people.

Leonard Kalakian