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Gun control does not control crime

By all legitimate statistics, it is painfully obvious that gun control does not control crime. In some cases, it even increases crime.

That doesn't seem to stop many from claiming that limiting magazine capacity would limit the ability of killers. How many killers will care about a new law? What's to stop a killer from going on a rampage, using multiple semi-automatic firearms that all have legal-size magazines? Would the outcry then be to limit how many firearms we can own?

Recently, a woman who was home with her children shot at a home invader six times at close range. Five bullets found their mark, including the face and neck. He still lived to drive away in a car (police caught him later).

Since the mother was out of bullets, she and her kids would have been defenseless against him if he or a second invader decided to return fire.

Since criminals most likely don't care about what size magazine they're "supposed" to have any more than they care about how fast they're "supposed" to be driving when fleeing the police, who would most likely benefit from a magazine capacity limit law? I'll give you a hint: Not the one who is obeying the law.

We in the U.S. have had a gun culture for over 200 years. What the gunaphobes like to call "assault weapons" have been in abundance since the 1940s.

I grew up with a full gun rack hanging on the wall of my bedroom, including a handgun. I grew up in a high school where kids brought guns on the school bus for high school gun training and shooting classes. Not one person was shot. Since guns have not changed since then, it doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to deduce that guns are not the problem.

Author William Burroughs said it best: "They always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it."

Daniel DeYonge