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Protecting the unborn

As we approach Jan. 22, I am compelled to think of the millions of babies we as a nation have aborted since 1973. The victims of abortion are not only the babies, but also include the mother, the father, any siblings and extended family and the whole nation for that matter.

This nation prides itself on how we try to protect us from ourselves. We recall dangerous items, such as cribs and highchairs and car seats. We want zero deaths from car crashes. We have organizations, such as SADD, MADD, and the list goes on.

We are sad and dismayed by the people who kill people.

Isn't it ironic then that a nation that wants to protect life, so to speak, does not protect the most vulnerable of all: the unborn?

I just want to remind people who are like-minded to think about this travesty and pray about it. Those who are undecided may do the same. If one person is enlightened, then this letter is worth it.

Robert Roggenkamp