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Homecoming queen responds to photo request

Pictured in this October 1939 photo are former Homecoming Queen Lois Balkenol (formerly Lois Zimmerman) and her brother, Paul Zimmerman. Submitted photo

A few years ago, I had a telephone request for a photo of me as the Homecoming queen in 1939. Since then, the records and photos have been destroyed in the schools by the tornadoes.

This is an account of how I remember the famous day of Wadena High School's first Homecoming queen. I do not recall the name of the person who requested the information, but perhaps if you publish this article, it will bring to light some details.

Wadena High School's first Homecoming queen Lois Zimmerman, 90, was crowned in October 1939 and rode on a decorated float south on Jefferson Street from Peterson's Ben Franklin Store to the school's athletic field, where a game (football) was played against Staples High School. In the evening, a Homecoming dance was held at the "new" gymnasium.

One of the six attendants was Ruth Yetter Windmiller, who died in November 1983. As for the other five princesses, I do not know who they were or if they are living.