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Understanding the use of guns for protection

The president of the United States and his family has the Secret Service guarding them. Our former presidents and their families had the Secret Service guarding them. The governors of our 50 states have armed guards available to them and their families. The mayors of most of the large cities have bodyguards assigned to them. In fact, the mayor of New York, who complains the most about guns, has armed bodyguards with him at all times. Rosie O'Donnell, a celebrity who spouts gun control every chance she gets, has armed bodyguards protecting her and her family.

I believe, if you do some checking, you will find most of the rich and famous have bodyguards with guns protecting them.

We protect our nation's capital and state capitals with armed guards. We protect our courthouses and all federal buildings with armed guards. We even protect some banks with armed guards.

It is interesting that those with money and power have armed guards to protect them. They must believe that the police are not capable of protecting them.

As a former police officer, I know that most police officers do a great job. I also know that I could not protect someone 100 yards from me that I could not see. I know that if it took me more than a couple of minutes to respond to a call, there was a chance something bad could happen before I got there. That is why all these rich, famous or powerful people have bodyguards; because they are afraid something might happen before the police arrive.

When it comes to the rest of us, we have two choices: We can choose not to have a firearm to protect our loved ones and ourselves and hope the police get there on time. The other way is to arm ourselves with a firearm that we have been trained to use and protect our loved ones.

The people with money and power do not believe we should be able to be armed, and are trying to take that privilege away from us. These same people would not go anyplace without their armed guards.

I have 17 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. I do not want anything to happen to them. I know I cannot be at their school to protect them.

What happened in Newtown could happen in any school district. I believe it is about time we have an intelligent conversation about how we can protect our children while they are at school. We also need to have an intelligent conversation about the mentally ill. The political correctness that comes up every time you mention the mentally ill needs to stop, and we need to talk about it.

John Finnegan