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Our country is cancerous

Friday, Dec. 14 should be the final wake-up call to this country. When young children are murdered senselessly, it is time we all look at ourselves. I think the word "frustration" best describes the average American's thinking.

Think about it. Our elected officials cannot cooperate with each other. Just watch the open hostility between the parties and nothing gets done. Frustration!

Second, look at the employment situation. Our jobs are being lost to Mexico, Japan and China, among others. Many people have just given up looking for a decent paying job. Frustration!

Third, our stock market is basically on hold. Since our politicians cannot seem to find a way to balance the budget, Wall Street doesn't know how to react.

Personally, I think the media in all its forms are the most guilty. Movies, TV and video games seem to be based on one sort of violence or another. Do we really have to be trained to kill or maim a fellow human being? Do we have to be shown 99 different ways to accomplish this?

Please, my friend, hug your wife or husband. Hug your children. Hug your neighbor. But don't forget to hug yourself, too. You may be the one who needs it the most.

Start a new kind of cancer. Start one of love and compassion. That way we can cure the cancer of hate.

God bless you!

Gary Lund