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Our nation weeps and no words can be found

"Broken hearts." These words, as used by our president, may describe our emotions to the sad, sad tragedy that occurred in a Connecticut school last Friday morning. Our nation weeps again as we struggle to find words to describe our emotions.

We also struggle to find words to describe what happened. CNN interviewed psychologists who tried to explain mass shootings in our nation and in other nations, but those cold words do little to mend the "broken hearts" of the parents and families of these 20 children and seven adults.

Years ago, in 1974, I attended a conference in Madison, Wis., sponsored by Physicians for Social Responsibility. It had a membership of approximately 5,000 physicians at that time. I remember the keynote speaker, a 70-year-old pediatrician, as he spoke about finding words to describe what might happen if we had a nuclear war. The word he brought forward was "demonic."

This may be too strong a word - or may not - to describe what happened in that Connecticut school and home, but struggle we will to find those words.

As we approach the pinnacle of this Christmas season, many of us will gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus - the word became flesh - and sing many familiar Christmas carols. But one that may bring some healing and some hope to this horrific event are words from verse 3 of "Away in a Manger:" "Bless all the dear children in thy tender care, and take us (them) to heaven to live with thee there." And as we sing this beloved carol, it may bring a tear or two, but it will be a tear of healing and of hope.

A blessed and hope-filled Christmas to one and to all.

Ken Thiele