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Bringing a 'serious' fiscal plan to the table

Republicans and Democrats agree that we need to find a balanced approach to solving our long-term fiscal challenges. We didn't get into this problem overnight, and we're going to have to make some tough choices on how we get out of it. 

President Obama recognizes this, and it's why he put forward a serious plan to reduce our deficit and provide middle-class families with the economic certainty they are asking for. He's willing to compromise with Republicans, but he's not going to compromise on his principles of fairness and balance that ask the wealthiest few to pay their fair share. 

The president's plan focuses on Main Street, fostering economic growth in communities in every corner of the country and providing millions of Americans - both families and individuals - with a shot at achieving the American dream. 

Congressional Republicans need to come to the table with a serious plan that asks everyone to do their part in building an economy that lasts.

Roman Witucki

Little Falls