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Inappropriate pictures on iPad

I would like to start by saying that it is amazing that it took almost four weeks for anything to be put in the paper about the inappropriate pictures on the teacher's iPad at Wadena-Deer Creek School. It is hard to believe that the superintendent and the school board were not trying to sweep this under the rug or cover it up, with the only punishment being eight days suspension (not 10 days like the paper said).

I recall he was gone one full week (five days) and three days of the next week. If my math serves me correctly, that adds up to eight days, right? If this would have happened at any other school, the teacher would not be allowed back to school until everything was settled.

So with the teacher back at school, that tells us, as parents, that everything has been settled. But according to the article in the paper, it is still under investigation. So why is he back at school teaching and coaching?

We, as parents, thought more highly of the superintendent and the school board before all of this happened. We figured that right is right, wrong is wrong, and you would have known what to do. But it's too bad that politics have to come into play.

Obviously, this teacher is more important to protect than protecting the image of the school. Does this teacher have so much pull that the superintendent and the school board are willing to put the school and their reputations on the line for him? It's amazing that there were no other consequences for him except the eight-day suspension.

How do we set examples for our children if there aren't any consequences for this teacher, other than the eight-day suspension? As far as we're concerned, we've lost a lot of respect for the superintendent and the school board. There is obviously not a lot of backbone in that group. Has everyone forgotten what I'm sure they all were taught?

We were very proud to have our kids attend WDC, until the superintendent and the school board chose to handle this the way they did. Is this the way they would have handled it if their children would have found the pictures?

Tracy Price