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If you're Catholic, be a Catholic

The issue related to the Barnesville, Minn., student being denied confirmation is that the Catholic Church very clearly holds that marriage is a union between one man and one woman. This isn't hidden or secret information.

When you profess to be Catholic, you profess to believe what the Catholic Church teaches and believes. No sacrament in the church is a right, and no one earns them or is entitled to them. The sacraments are a privilege.

In addition, the sacraments are not just some rite of passage or social custom like high school graduation. This can be said of many other religions as well. In Judaism, I'm pretty sure they expect their teens to know something about their faith and profess their belief in it before going through a bat or bar mitzvah.

Confirmation is a sealing of one's soul with the Holy Spirit and a profession of belief in all the Catholic Church holds to be true. If this student and his family had been attending Mass and been hearing the true teachings of the church, they would understand that it is not possible to receive sacraments - any of the sacraments - while you stand opposed to the beliefs you claim to believe.

Plenty of other churches have decided for themselves what they would like to believe is right. If you do not like what the Catholic Church teaches and believes, walk down the street and join the church that does support your beliefs. That is what religion in America is about - the freedom to choose your place of worship and believe what you like.

The only political posturing going on here is being done by the family reporting this to the newspaper.

Jennifer Silverman

West Fargo, N.D.