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Response to Heppner column

I would like to respond to Jake Heppner's comments in the Faith Chat column in the Nov. 10 edition. He says, "How does a Christian react to the rejection of the biblical values and political ideology we voted for?" He was referring to the Marriage Amendment vote and the presidential election, which he later expands upon in the column.

Well, many Christians are celebrating those outcomes, and we believe that we have both the Bible and the constitution to back us up. Oh, that's right, conservative Christians don't view liberal, progressive Christians as real believers, nor think we are privy to the same truth as you are. How arrogant and judgmental! 

You do realize that Christianity is practiced by only about one-third of the world's population, and then conservatives water that fraction down even more, meaning that only a small percentage of God's created people will go to heaven? Why would a loving God condemn that many of his beloved to eternal damnation? That's not the God in which I believe!

The founders of our country held as one of their highest goals, to have freedom of religion, and I might add, even freedom from religion. That's the point: We all have the freedom to choose. 

So if you want to believe that marriage is only between one man and one woman because the Bible says so, fine, go ahead and attend a church that believes that. But do not take away the freedom of those who do not believe that. And while we're at it, do you also propose we condemn and restrict freedoms from divorced people? After all, the Bible says ONE man and ONE woman.

Also, we know that President Obama doesn't dismiss the 47 percent as moochers and feeling entitled to government aid, and doesn't cater to the rich by not asking them to share some of their excess to help "the least of these." Many of the 47 percent are neighbors here in the Wadena area. So many in our country have become so self-serving they don't want one more cent taken from them for taxes, even when they have more than enough. Many European countries have vastly higher taxes than we, and yet they have been rated as among the happiest people in the world because they are compassionate and care for all of their citizens.

I am also going to chastise the Pioneer Journal for having not one, but two Faith Chat contributors from conservative clergy in one week. Are these people/churches paying per inch? If they are not, then these writings should appear on the editorial page because they are an opinion, not a news item. Better to have the chats rotate among all the places of worship in the Wadena area. If this is not possible, then this column should cease to exist. You, after all, should be serving a diverse population, and be as unbiased as possible.

Thank you to Mr. Heppner for at least suggesting we need to pray for our president. We certainly do need to pray for the person who has the most difficult job in the world. And we need to pray that the terrible divisiveness and acrimony of the past four years turn into a spirit of cooperation, respect and working together for the good of all in the country. Then we can know we are doing God's will by following the Golden Rule. 

Peace to all.

Marilyn Twete