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Did we make the right decision?

Well, did we make the right decision yesterday? Did we stop the tide of increased government control and regulation or will the concepts of personal pride, independence and self-sufficiency become obsolete?

Did Tuesday's election result in a leader that will spark the long-promised economic recovery or will we continue to plod along with an economy on life support with the Federal Reserve's massive money printing?

Can we expect to see a reduction of the roles of the unemployed, unproductive and needy, or will we see their continued increase to the point of exhausting the ability of others to support?

Did we vote to slow, stop or even reverse the excessive regulations that choke the life out of our businesses, or have we assured the continued degradation of those businesses' ability to revive this stagnant economy?

No matter whom we chose to lead the nation, we must still ask these questions.

David Bartlow