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Will Facebook keep making changes?

Since Facebook's emergence in 2004, the popular website has undergone numerous mini facelifts. It seems like the more users turn to the social networking tool, the more they crave certain features that provide them with up-to-date news, information on friends, upcoming events and hot trends.

But I often find myself wondering how much more Facebook can change. Sure, it might be naïve to think that the current form of anything is the best it will ever be. Just look at the phone. People eventually realized they wanted to walk around with their phones. Then they warmed to the idea of smaller and thinner devices. And eventually, the masses decided they needed to have access to the Internet wherever they went.

Inventions are improved constantly, but I still wonder about Facebook.

This week, CNN released a story about more potential changes to come to Facebook. From the sound of it, the minds behind Facebook are toying with the idea of placing all posts in a single column on the left side of the page and keeping activity updates, friends, places, apps and other sections on the right side.

As of now, Facebook has a two-column layout that includes posts on both sides, so users have to look back and forth. If you ask me, this change seems very minor, and it's not too much trouble to glance from one side of the screen to the other to view the content I need. But, evidently, some folks could use an easier way to soak in the information on a particular page.

Not to say that this change is a bad one. It's just interesting because it hardly seems like a change at all.

Facebook was a topic that came up regularly when I was studying at North Dakota State University. One day, a teacher discussed the very phenomenon I'm focusing on this week: He wanted to know why people constantly feel the need to come up with ways to make Facebook "better."

Eventually, the class came up with the conclusion that people are addicted to information and user-friendliness.

How true.

But, here I am, wondering what is yet to come with the social media giant. What other minor changes will they make so that users can have "better" access to the content they desire?

Based on the multiple requests I get daily to play FarmVille, I'm sure there are more time-wasting games that will emerge.

I'm at peace with the idea that Facebook will always have something to change to make its site "better," even though most people will not be completely satisfied and want more options.