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Gazelka's tax increase hurts schools

Does your school district have a referendum this fall? Many districts do. Don't blame your local school board for asking district residents for more money. And don't blame the state.

Put the blame where it belongs: on Paul Gazelka and other Republican Legislators.

Gazelka and the Republicans passed the highest percent school shift ever, and at the same time they repealed the homestead credit, which resulted in increasing rural property taxes greatly.

So, putting it plainly, Gazelka increased our property taxes and cut funds to our schools.

Gazelka signed a "no new taxes" pledge and he voted against raising taxes on the wealthiest, but we're supposed to pay more just to keep our local schools open. Nice.

Our kids deserve the same opportunities as kids in wealthier districts, and our senior citizens and young families deserve to be able to afford their property taxes and keep their homes.

Paul Gazelka let us all down by following his Tea Party backers. Gazelka voted against local schools and local property owners. Maybe if he'd have been a district resident more than a couple of months, he'd have voted differently.

Gazelka said "no" to us and our schools. Say "no" to Gazelka this election.

Laverne Hempeck

Little Falls