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Choosing leaders who are part of our communities

One of the reasons elected family men and women represent their constituents well is because they have families. In the community, family members become additional eyes and ears. Representatives receive the many-sided flavor of the community and its people through them.

In District 9A, we have two interesting choices: Will we be represented by men (and they are all men) who have woven themselves into the fabrics of our communities or will we be represented by men who have token homes in our area, but whose families live outside our District 9A?

Wadena's Don Niles is running for the State House of Representatives. His opposition is Mark Anderson. 

Niles has chaired Wadena's Tornado Recovery and served on the city council. Also, his wife works at the school and they live in a home in Wadena.

Mark Anderson is a private pilot who owns a cabin in Lake Shore. His fiancé owns a home in Minnetonka and he flies out of Twin City airports. Commuting between Lake Shore and the Twin Cities isn't very practical.

Rick Nolan and Chip Cravaack are running for the U.S. House of Representatives. Rick's family lives in Royalton - they are four generations of Minnesota farmers. 

Cravaack defeated Jim Oberstar in 2010 and moved his family to New Hampshire within weeks of his victory.  

These are our choices. Will we choose the ones who are part of our communities or those whose District 9A homes do not house their families?

Cherie Boen